I am just very blessed as I start this new year off !

My grand-daughter was expecting a baby on January 8,2009.

We already knew that it was a boy and his name was Noah.

Little Mommie lives about 100 miles away. The doctor told

her that she could come home for Thanksgiving. Her Dad went to

pick her up early in the week and then her husband came in on Wed-

nesday night. They went back home after lunch on Thanksgiving so

that they could work on the baby’s room.  They pretty much got every

thing done and ready for his arrival.  They felt that now they could just

relax and enjoy the up coming holidays.

Baby Noah decided that he did not want to miss all of the fun of Christmas and New Year’s.  So on Sunday right after Thanksgiving, he made it known

that he was on his way.  He was born Monday morning  , December 1,2008 about 1:30 am.   Way to early!!!!!  His lungs were not developed and he had to go on a ventilator. 24 days later,Christmas Eve, he got to go home with a monitor

for his heart and breathing.  He will have to wear it for 7-8 weeks….He is growing and doing great.

Baby Noah is the greatest JEWEL in our family !

Great-Grandma's Little JEWEL

Great-Grandma's Little JEWEL


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Been working this week end on new design for butterfly necklace.  It should be ready to list tomorrow.     I will also be adding some Snow Mama earrings and also some crystal angel earrings.   Should have some pictures here of those items in next day or so.

Have been trying to get some autumn leaf pictures. Not many near the house but you might like these.

Real Pear Tree

Real Pear Tree

65 Plus year old Smoke House

65 Plus year old Smoke House

Been working on  the jewelry at night…..Day time been trying to get a few more photos before the first autumn frost. Believe it or not , I will use parts of some of the images in jewelry and gather ideas from  some of the other photos.

"I know that she can't see me"

Last butterfly and flowers before frost

Last butterfly and flowers before frost

GA ant hill - final harvest before frost

GA ant hill - final harvest before frostAugust Lily in SeptemberWhere are the faries hiding?

Sometimes I just have to get out of the house.  As much as I love to make jewelry and other crafts,I just have to see things of nature once in a while.  So that is when I crank up my old faithful wheelchair and take a ride around the yard. Several times during the last few days, I have taken these little trips. One day when I was outside , I discovered that I still had my camera from when I had been taking pictures of my jewelry. Well, now, since I have always loved taking pictures, I could not resist.  Below are some of the results.

He was green yesterday

He was green yesterday


Autumn flowers before the frost

Autumn flowers before the frost

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Just another piece of jewely that I will have on sale starting tomorrow.

Handmade Eyeglass Holder Necklace

Handmade Eyeglass Holder Necklace

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Earthy necklace

Earthy necklaceMidnight fireworks